Sunday, May 31, 2009

Military Intelligence

Closing a Military Base, that's one way to do it:
WASHINGTON (AFP) — The commander of Fort Campbell army base in Kentucky has ordered a three-day suspension of regular duties to focus on a spike in suicides among his troops amid concern over a wider trend across the armed services.

History not to be forgotten:
WAR is a racket. It always has been.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Come Together, Over Me

The lying, dying corporate press - the dinosaur of informational dispersal, known to those with the memory of Walter Cronkite and Breslin, Royko and Caen - these outlets are past their usefulness. The knowledgeable people, the ones who have a handle on how the connections amongst people begin with a truth basis of what comes next, these are the ones who balance the esoteric with the ordinary and process a life view. These are the people who will lead in the future.

They are not getting their information from the obvious, not looking for consensus for the sake of consensus, but asking what about this? How is something so obvious doesn't get a comment. How long must we place the blame on Lee Oswald?

I'm done blaming soldiers for the pain they impured. It's reconciliation that must occur. Soldiers must look into the eyes of the Iraqi people and apologize for holding weapons on their families. Citizens must shake the hands of other Iraqi citizens look them in the eye and say I'm sorry. This is the future of peace, as I see it.

No more State Dept. It's worthless. No more military peace keeping. It's dangerous. Just me and an Iraqi gentleman with family and children, a trade he can't go back to, and a country devastated
in physcic department, then we as loving fathers and proud working men, can we continue in internal security. There is so much work to be done. It belongs first with your recent argument with a family member. Reconcile it. Then a good friend, having a problem. Reconcile it. A lover, past or present, always remain friends. Look to the possibilities is most difficult these days. It's more interpersonal than international. Smiles are smiles.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Sucks
So many opportunities for "personal growth." Like a job in a depression -- now, that's a great opportunity. Can't get work, hey, join the imperial centurians and go hunt down and kill kids out there on the fringes of empire in some place like Afghanistan where kids just like you can't find a job either and have the opportunity for "personal growth" offered to them by some mullah & madrassa that does the work of our Army Experience Center or your local festival featuring cool Humvees and SAWs. Seems the world is full of opportunities for personal growth these days. Kurt Vonnegut summed it up best: And so it goes.

John Grant, Army Security Agency 1965-69, Vietnam 1966-67

No, We Can't:
Humboldt County, California voters passed measures F and J last November prohibiting military recruiters from initiating contact with minors. Now the Obama administration is demanding that the law be overturned. A court hearing is scheduled for June 9 in Oakland, California.


The US military and their tactics remain the same, only more deadly with high technology help. The Battle of Okinawa is a perfect example of parallel time with Iraq.

There was a Shock and Awe, as the Navy bombarded the island for three straight months. The locals call it "The Iron Storm". The invasion and occupation began and continues to this day. The rape of the Castle of the Ryudyu Kingdom began, and the riches and records were ransacked, a la, the Iraq Historical Museum.

The Air and Army bases continue to pollute the island, and the surrounding air and water. Jets roaring overhead, the run off of rainwater into the feeding and mating fields of the Dugong threatens the existence of the fifty remaining members. The people of Okinawa are daily put into a position of disrespect by the off base antics of soldiers, sailors and airmen. Many, many outrageous acts, including the rape of school girls, have happened in the near past. Helicopters have crashed on the university grounds. Each day they are threatened both physically and mentally.

The Vietnamese call Okinawa the "Island of Death" because of the bombers that took off from there to rain hell on the Vietnamese people. This is not a reflection of the Okinawan people, who are caring, loving and peaceful. This description may apply more accurately to the North American continent, the home of the policies that put the military bases in Okinawa and Iraq. Death, destruction and spiritual fear is what the US Government and their legislators call Democracy.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One for Diplomacy


I just returned from a whirlwind tour of Japan. By all standards, it was a great success.

At the very last after-event dinner, I made the statement "Corporate Television is crap." My dutiful translator needed to know, "What is this crap?" I had him explain the origin of the word being the root of inventor Thomas Krapper, designer of the water toilet as we know it today. (But I'll take a TOTO any day.) I asked the five gentlemen present, "What goes in the Krapper? Crap." One asked, "Is it like shit?" I explained you may say crap to your grandmother, but not shit. They all nodded in understanding.

I picked up a bean from one of the many dishes on the table. I held it up and asked my translator to interpret and have these men to repeat after me. "Beans, beans, the musical fruit... (they sounded it out in Japanese)... "The more you eat them, the more you toot... (Again, with quizzical looks). "Mr. Wesley-san, what is this toot?" I gave them a visual, audio and olfactory. They laughed til they busted a gut.

A bit later, as I got up to relieve some beer pressure I said, "I gotta take a pee." "What is this pee?" I wiggled my finger by my groin and again the laughter began again.

As I returned, my trusty translator had his small laptop out and was entering these new words to his Japanese/English database. He said to me, "We have many international guests. I have escorted many American guest. Never before has anyone taught me Fart, Crap and Pee." We all had another great laugh.

I'm a natural diplomat at heart.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look Out, Detroit

Coming soon:
Angry steel workers attacked the Luxembourg headquarters of ArcelorMittal, the world's biggest steelmaker, during the company's annual shareholders' meeting yesterday, setting off smoke bombs and breaking through the front door in protest at temporary layoffs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Mean To Frighten You

It's not going to get better:

The ILO (United Nations International Labor Organization)estimates that approximately two million workers lose their lives annually due to occupational injuries and illnesses, with accidents causing at least 350,000 deaths a year. For every fatal accident, there are an estimated 1,000 non-fatal injuries, many of which result in lost earnings, permanent disability and poverty. The death toll at work, much of which is attributable to unsafe working practices, is the equivalent of 5,000 workers dying each day, three persons every minute.

This is more than double the figure for deaths from warfare (650,000 deaths per year). According tot he ILO's SafeWork program, work kills more people than alcohol and drugs together and resulting loss in Gross Domestic Product is 20 times greater than all official development assistance to the developing countries.

Each year, 6,570 US die because of injuries at work, while 60,225 meet their maker due to occupational diseases. (Meanwhile, 13.2 million get hurt, and 1.1 million develop illnesses that don't kill them.) On on average day, two or three workers are fatally shot, two fall to their deaths, one is killed after being smashed by a vehicle, and one is electrocuted. Each year, around 30 workers die of heat stroke, and another 30 expire from carbon monoxide.

Although blue collar workers face a lot of the most obvious dangers, those slaving in offices or stores must contend with toxic air, workplace violence, driving accidents and (especially for the health-care workers) transmissible diseases. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration warns that poisonous indoor air in nonindustrial workplaces causes
"[t]housands of heart disease deaths [and] hundreds of lung cancer deaths" each year.

-50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know, by Russ Kick pg90
published by The Disinformation Company, 2003

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One For JJ

Replace"phorid flies" with Reaganism and "fire ants" with IBEW journeymen/wiremen:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Absurdity Rules The Day

Absurdity rules the day:
Oddly, in a country that prides itself on fighting for what it believes in, people who don’t make a decent wage or have company-supplied medical insurance or a company-supplied pension are often critical of labor unions for striving to obtain those things. It’s a confounding dynamic, one that can’t be explained away entirely as simple envy or resentment.

Who would ever think the murderers in the workplace would become murderers in the workplace?:
BAGHDAD – A U.S. soldier opened fire at a counseling center on a U.S. base Monday, killing five fellow soldiers before being taken into custody, the U.S. command and Pentagon officials said.

How's that song go? Proud To Be An American...:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Torture The Congressman

It's a Death Cult:
White evangelical Protestants were the religious group most likely to say torture is often or sometimes justified -- more than six in 10 supported it. People unaffiliated with any religious organization were least likely to back it. Only four in 10 of them did.

OMG!!! Bizarro world:
Seven protesters chanting slogans in Spanish and English were arrested early Friday evening outside the private Fiesta de Reyes restauraunt/shopping complex for demonstrating without a permit, including activist Representative Bob Filner (D-CA).

Friday, May 8, 2009

Social Engineering,25197,25361297-7583,00.html
Nikolai Bukharin claimed one of the Bolshevik Revolution's principal tasks was "to alter people's actual psychology". Britain is not Bolshevik, but a campaign to alter people's psychology and create a new Homo britannicus is under way without even a fig leaf of disguise.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Behavior Never Changed Anything
Sadly, our magic controllable world is an illusion bearing little relation to the one we actually inhabit, where bad things sometimes occur for no reason. But rather than come to terms with it, we stubbornly refuse to accept the entire concept of risk, hence our neurotic hunt for the nearest scapegoat the moment anything goes wrong - or even looks as if it might.

I went to a County Circuit Court Room yesterday to witness a fellow anti-war protester get scolded for acting like a 'petulant child' in trying to cross a police line and show his banner to the war criminal, George Bush. I think the defendant was older than the Judge.

The court room was filled with petulant children, as the recipient of the alleged aggravated battery, the Deputy Superintendent of the Police Force, claimed he was "bumped" by said defendant. It wasn't exactly an F-16 screaming over his head terrorizing him, it was a man who collided with his Segway. That really must have hurt, Officer.

The Horsey cop, the other witness to alleged assault, showed up in his white shirt, very proud of his promotion in the meantime. He tried to act like he wasn't sufficiently prepped by the utterly cry baby like attorneys the City has on payroll to screw the little guy. Funny thing is, neither officer filed a report on this felony and the two that did sign their names to the accusing document were no where to be found.

The bailiffs, all ten of them, were a scream, hovering over the supporters with their bitchiest nun-like voice, scolding for reading, confiscating pencils, looking with adoration at the cops. I was wondering who is it they go home to and what kind of person would live with these gun toting bullies? First they disarm you coming in the court house, then surround you with people with bad attitudes and revolvers. I wish Lady Justice would take off that damned blindfold.

The Judge really stole the show as far as petulance goes. He was agonising internally waiting for this political show trial to end, putting his face in his hands, sighing audibily throughout, as if the golf course was calling and this was a complete waste of his precious time, as it was.. To his credit, he didn't have much use for any of the nit picking attorneys and cut them short often. He believed the cops without question, in fact stating that they had affection for the defendant and they were the ones victimized and endangered, regardless of their bullet proof vests, guns, horses and oak sticks. A person holding a protest banner - without behavior modification drugs running through his system and outraged that the mayor and the Cardinal, behind taxpayers protection , sat to lunch with a war criminal - he was the threat to society, but not guilty of aggravated battery of a police officer.

Sign me up for the Petulant Children Society.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Common Sense Poetry

Is there any other way?:

Telephone Booth Number 905 1/2

woke up this morning
feeling excellent,
picked up the telephone
dialed the number of
my equal opportunity employer
to inform him I will not
be in to work today.
"Are you feeling sick?"
the boss asked me
"No Sir," I replied:
"I am feeling too good
to report to work today.
If I feel sick tomorrow
I will come in early!"

Pedro Pietri

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shiv Shiva

Green demise:

Did you ever notice everything in our economy has a based destructive quality? Ever dwell on the vast destructiveness surrounding every product consumed? The smashing, the pulping, the splitting, the melting, the burning of elements, plants, and sentient beings all feed the top of the food chain.

I bring this up because the older I get, the more I recognize and appreciate those stoics, or religious types, monks and people not wanting to be a part of this wasteful, chaotic economic system. I'm talking about the ones that drop out, not the ones putting a new wasteful, chaotic system in place or puppet-like environmentalists being do-gooders for their own self guilt.

If we would change the destructive nature of the language we use towards each other, it would go a long way to making a better world. I'm not a prude, I've used a share of blue language, but I see it now as an expression of frustration on the subject at hand. Many times people are so frustrating, we use the easiest means to destroy their confidence and arguments, we belittle them with profanity. It works. It also works to become a more thoughtful person by monitoring your speech, using constructive words of understanding, leaving the frustration alone. It's a harder way to go and takes practice, but a better way.

This economic system of destruction invades all our thoughts. I sense people as super-critical and judgmental. They seem to think freedom consists of the right to open their mouths and say whatever is on their mind, without remorse or recanting when called out. Their awesome insecurities show by the insults at those immediately around them. Popular culture and the BoobTube are filled with reinforcing shows of panels of judges and elimination. The watchers of these shows seem to side with the judges, not those sent away. An ass kisser society, I can't see it any other way. Side with the destroyer, you can't go wrong, is the philosphy of this world.

Don't buy anything. Don't use a word in speech not needed. Don't think ill of your perceived enemy. Be conscious of those around you granted the right to a full life, including bugs. We are all incredibly interconnected together. A loss of one is a huge loss to us all.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ickey Quote

Celebrate May Day

...most people are told what to think, where to go, what to do and how to do it...[W}here do you get your 'information' leads you to reach the conclusions about yourself and the world? Who decides what time you get up everyday? Who decides where you go and what you do when you get there? Who decides how you do it? If you are like the overwhelming majority of people currently resident in this dreamworld, those decisions are not made by you at all; they are imposed by the 'system', the spiders' web of control that dictate its will upon your 'life'.

Your get your 'information' from the mainstream media that sells you the daily falsehoods on which you decide what to think and believe. You have to get up at a certain time because you have to report for work and you can't be late. You go where your bosses tell you to go and you do what they say. If you rebel you get fired and if you don't get paid you can't afford a home or enough to eat... To meet all these perceived needs and responsibilities, you have to spend every day keeping other people happy. In turn, the bosses are also slavishly following the impositions of those who control them and they dare not step out of line either.

-David Icke, 2005 Infinite Love Is the Only Truth, Bridge of Love Publications